I was Born this way!

So lately I keep comparing myself to all these models with flawless bodies etc and I am just thinking to myself like ugh why can’t I be like that? 

I don’t get depressed but there this quick sadness that comes to me about how I’m not fully at my goal yet and how bad I want to be a high fashion model, to really start living my dream career.

But you know what I forget to remember, is that I lost fuckin over 70 lbs, I used to be this guy that ate fast food legit everyday because my mom couldn’t afford anything else. Mcdonalds was my best friend.

When I was 19 and saw an Armani Exchange ad, I realized that modeling is what I want to do and made a promise to myself to lose weight and strive for my dreams! Fast forward from winter of 2010 to now 2014. I am 178 lbs with a toned body. I am not fully toned yet where you can see my abs fully, yes I have excess skin and some stomach fat, but not everyone is perfect.

Will I get to my goal body? YES! if i keep on working out and keeping up my regime. Running and Yoga really have helped me keep the fat off and me becoming a vegetarian helps out too <3

I just want to say to anyone who ever feels insecure about their body, Fuck society ad what people/media think! Do you! If you want to change your body then workout and eat healthy; you may not see results for months but never give up because with time your dreams and goals will happen & come true <3

Love, Antonio Liranzo ( a guy that was once 250 lbs and learned to work hard)